Chairperson’s Message

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.– Anthony J. D’Angelo

Our Indian standard of education is excellent. Our students are amongst the best in the world. They score high on marks — to the extent of securing even 100% in English! But can we truly say that our children are well-rounded? Not just masters of marks but also fluent in languages, communication and general knowledge? Have they developed team spirit and qualities of leadership? Do they see beyond the confines of their school and home to recognize inequalities around? Can they hold their own in public debates or present themselves admirably in an interview? There is so much from our past system of education which was instrumental in character forming which our present schools have discarded or forgotten in the pursuit of Higher Grades.

Institutions like National Cadet Corps and Scouts; Institutions like the Social Service League; the Arts, Crafts, Culture and Philosophies of our country that our children are still unfamiliar with. We are losing many aspects of our history with time which must be gathered with care before it is all scattered in the vicissitudes of time.

The DELHI WORLD FOUNDATION, a Dipsites Pedagogy System and Knowledge Initiative pioneered by group of graduates from the Delhi Public Schools, who have since made a mark in the world seeking to take education to higher level. An overall holistic, comprehensive and focused initiative to produce all-rounded human beings. What we emphasize is the road we are taking to get there — perhaps the road less travelled but a road which we hope is filled with adventure, curiosity and wonder.

This is a challenge that We, at the Delhi World Foundation have taken up in all our earnesty. The wealth of knowledge and experience of our life Trustee, Term Trustee, Advisory Council and Members of the Education & Resources Council is being harnessed to open our students’ eyes to all the wonderful things that the world has to offer. To appreciate art as well as to create, to establish their own individual identity through creativity. To not only carve a Painting, Block or make Handmade Paper out of rags and waste but also to carry it further by printing on the paper and then on to adding value by making Greeting Cards, stationery, decorative boxes, etc.

Modules are being created for our children to engage in Self Care, Social Service, Animal Welfare and Environment protection. To make them appreciate, understand and anticipate the dire necessity of valuing our depleting wildlife, threatened environment and ecology. To bring to them first hand knowledge of new energy saving techniques, sustainable development technology —Solar Energy, Rainwater Harvesting to just simple Vermi composting from household waste along with various other means. They are encouraged to take time off from cramming for exams and tests to take part in Drama, Elocution, Music and all the varied expressions of impulsive creativity to express themselves on canvas or in stone or even just create a bonsai plant or a simple Ikebana.

In simple words we want them to be children, leading an exciting child’s life and not be forced to become a premature adults! Please join us and be part of our new adventure full of wonder and care.

Louise Khurshid