Class Rooms

Keeping in mind today’s trend and perception towards Learning, Audio-Visual Learning process is adapted for thorough understanding. To ensure personal care, Student and Teacher ratio is maintained i.e., 25:1. This ensures to keep observation on Students and their Studies. Digital Classroom expand on the repertoire of technique available to students and educators to demonstrate learning.


Robotics Lab

An innovative lab which helps students understand “How Things Work?”. Students learn to build robots using the latest Robotics Systems, as well as principles of motion and gearing, and use of light, touch, and ultrasonic sensors. DWPS will have a well-facilitated space to nurture the creative minds which are inclined towards Robotics.

Computer lab

The school integrates Information and Communication technology into the curriculum, and thus provides the latest resources in this field. We will provide state-of-the-art computing facilities with high speed central server and latest educational softwares. The lab is equipped is with 1:1 student computer ratio ensuring ample time for project research and educational tools.

Physics, Chemistry & Biology Lab

A science lab is an essential segment to perform scientific research. These researches are extremely important to understand the concepts in the best possible way after class work. We have an established advanced science lab to perform a variety of tests and researches under the guidance of an expert mentor

Language lab

An established Language Laboratory is reserved for learning the different languages where the students have access to audio and visual materials. Our English Lab has the facility of many advance tools-digital media control, wireless headsets, and microphones to help the students understand the exact pronunciation to develop the persuasive communication skill, which is indispensable in modern time.

Maths Lab

Experimentations and exploring different ideas with patterns are conducted in our Mathematics Lab. Our school has established a well-equipped laboratory wherein the learning about numbers, problem-solving with real-time situations, games, and reasoning becomes fun. The unique approach of the laboratory teaching mathematics exposes the opportunity to understand the beauty, relevance, and usage in day-to-day life.

3D printing lab

3D printing lab at DWPS has latest 3D printers to design 3D objects & create real time models for deeper understanding & visualization. The technology fosters hands-on creativity, builds enthusiasm, and offers students a new and interactive approach to any given subject matter.

Multipurpose Hall

Our school’s teaching philosophy goes beyond classroom education and we ensure that we supplement the theoretical instruction with audio visual aids. To assist us in this effort, our school has a fully equipped Audio Visual Room which simplifies learning through multi-media facilities. In addition to a dedicated AV room for pre-primary kids we are also building a 200 capacity AV room cum Seminar Hall for middle and senior grade.

Audio Visual Seminar hall

Senior Knowledge Centre

There is a well-equipped library for Junior & Senior students, with an extensive range of reference books, Fiction, non-fiction, Encyclopedias, History, Literature Books, e-journals, Journals, E-Books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, educational CDs, computer workstations, printer and photocopier. As part of the focus on e-learning, students are encouraged to use the internet so as to access online international libraries for information.

Junior Knowledge Centre

Dance & Yoga Room

Eastern music room

Western Music Room

Art & Craft Room


Delhi World Public School gives its students a safe and comfortable transportation facility for its students. The buses will be well equipped with trained drivers and groomed female support staff.

Air Conditioned Buses
Female support staff from school to board and de-board the students.
We have only GPS-enabled buses with CCTV facilities.
Speed governors installed across all buses
Safety & Hygine workshops for drivers from time to time


Our classrooms, with a seating capacity of 40, are spacious and well-ventilated with ample natural and artificial lighting. Ergonomically designed furniture, a combination of green glass and white boards, display boards, teaching aid displays and LCD projection equipment, facilitate the learning process.


A certified doctor along with a trained nurse would be available during school hours to deal with any and every medical emergency. The team will be efficient in taking care for minor injuries & illness.

Safety and security