President’s Message

Education is not about learning facts but its about learning how to think, it is learning to make right choices, it is learning to live with a purpose.

Our aim is to provide Knowledge, Values and Leadership qualities so that we prepare our students for the future and make them competitive in all spheres of life. We nurture excellence and promote thinkers capable of managing resources in a globalized environment along with social responsibility.

All the activities in our school, academic or non-academic are designed innovatively to impart true knowledge so that the child is able to interpret their experiences and adapt to our everchanging society. The influence of school education will actually determine the mindset and the style of one’s life. We believe in infusing important traits like integrity, open-mindedness, and discipline among our children which sets them apart from the crowd.

I am happy to launch DWPS, Kolkata that will not only maintain but also enhance the DWPS excellence fabric and give the world great future leaders.