Why Delhi Public World School

Our esteemed principal with the support of all our respected teachers lead the portfolio of our school.The staff actively works towards integrating the teacher-student relationship that helps scripting the success story of ourwards, powerful coursework backed up with creative pedagogy meeting the psychological and emotional needs of every child, having a challenging yet collaborative learning environment to address their curisoitywhile giving the right direction to their creative minds.

A Creative School Nestled in Culturally-Enriched Kolkata

Creating History while mentoring the relevance of practical and creative learning through the most relevant, innovative and required pedagogy.

Learning through the Collaborative Effort of Teachers-Classmates

Emphasizing and motivating to forment a collective learning space wherein convergence of multiple ideas from all students is facilitated for better learning, exploration, discovery and thrive learning opportunities for all learn from each other.

Holistic Developement Oriented Teaching Approach

With specific focus on providing multiple exposure platforms to students with the aim of mitigatingthe stage fear, facilitating confidence of every child is the forte of our offering.

Healthier Classroom

Well Ventilated and well lit classrooms spaced equipped with the most advanced Smart Class technology, Audio Visual Learning Aids and High Precision Projection Systems with customized curriculum to implement innovative pedagogy for holistic development outcome.

Infrastructural Development

The school building is touted to become one of the upcoming benchmark infrastructure for Eastern Part of India while integrating carefully the planned outdoor facilities and development of outdoor learning zones within its aesthetically pleasing landcape design.

In the Making of Students towards a balanced outcome

Harnessing the skillsets of the students to the level of perfection. Our Students are well engaged all-day, participating in a variety of activities to turn out to be well-rounded and knowledgable individuals.